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  • Improving palatability of flucloxacillin

    The antibiotic flucloxacillin has been a key part of cystic fibrosis (CF) care in the UK for several decades. During preparation for a national...

  • Role of CFTR in bacterial clearance by macrophages

    Key points B. cepacia and to develop associated drug discovery tools Professor Miguel Valvano leads the world-class team,...

  • Genome editing FAQs

    Common genetics terms – what do they mean? DNA: DNA is made up of a very long string of nucleotides or 'letters', tightly coiled up in the...

  • Wave 1 trial results

    Main presentation by Professor Eric Alton. Q&A session: If you would like to donate to support our work, you can give online.

  • Second generation CFTR gene repair

    The Trust is funding a study, led by Dr Patrick Harrison at University College Cork, looking at developing the next generation of genetic therapy...

  • Use of animals in research

    We believe that our ongoing research is essential to improve the quality and length of life of people with cystic fibrosis in the future. We...

  • Cross-infection at events

    As there are a number of different infections, each with its own range of symptoms and long-term health risks, the risk posed by cross-infection...

  • Let's protest for Orkambi

    A day of national protests was held across the UK in June 2017 calling on the Government to address the issue of access to precision medicines...

  • Stream test

  • Universal Credit

    What is Universal Credit? What is it replacing? When is it being introduced and where? What if I am currently receiving the benefits...

41-50 of 917 results for All elements