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Health and wellbeing grants

Health and wellbeing grants help purchase goods or services which can improve your health and quality of life.

Health and Wellbeing grants are available to support children and adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) to purchase goods or services to help improve their health and quality of life.

This might include household appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines etc, essential items of furniture or decoration/flooring, as well as exercise equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and trampolines. Grants can also be for gym fees, exercise classes, or activity classes (such as singing lessons, karate, dance classes). 

If you are unsure about what you can apply for, please contact our helpline before completing an application form. 

We prioritise applications from people in financial need and where the goods/services will have a really positive impact on the applicant’s health and wellbeing. 

Apply for a grant

Before applying for a grant please read the grant guidelines.

Please complete the application form and send it in to us by post or email.

Our panel meet every two months to assess applications. Meetings are usually in January, March, May, July, September and November.

The next deadline for applications is Tuesday 5 November 2019 and applications received by this date will be assessed by our panel on Thursday 14 November 2019.

The following deadlines for applications will be:

  • Tuesday 3 September 2019 with the panel meeting taking place on Thursday 12 September

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our health and wellbeing grants below:

My request is urgent and I cannot wait until the next panel meeting. What can I do?

You may be able to apply for an emergency grant instead. Please get in touch with our helpline and we can help you to choose the best grant to apply for. 

Can I complete the form on someone’s behalf?

There is space on the form to enter your details if you are completing the application on behalf of someone with cystic fibrosis. However, we do ask that the person with CF is made aware of the application, as we may follow up to gather further information from the applicant or the person completing the supporting statement.

CF teams can complete and send in applications on behalf of their patients.  

How much can I apply for?

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £350. You must include a quote for the item – this can be a link to a webpage, a screen shot/photo, formal quote or price list highlighting the goods/service you are requesting. If you do not include a quote or evidence of cost, your application will be rejected.

Are there any items I cannot apply for?

Our panel will consider most applications, but due to limited resources, there are some applications we cannot accept. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust cannot pay for:

  • Computer equipment or equipment needed for work. 
  • Goods or services that should be funded through statutory services.
  • Medical treatment or equipment.
  • Costs toward purchasing a car or the cost of driving lessons.

How are applications assessed?

Decisions on applications are made by an independent panel that meets every two months. Our panel have a detailed knowledge and understanding of cystic fibrosis. They will not be given your name or any of your personal details, but they will have the information provided on your application form about what you will use the grant for and how this will benefit your health and wellbeing.

What are the panel looking for when they assess applications?

The panel will award applications where the goods or service requested will have a positive impact on the applicant’s health and wellbeing. This is why it is important that the impact of the requested item is clearly explained on the application form.

We accept applications where the applicant is in financial need and cannot afford to fund the item themselves. If you have enough income or savings to fund the requested item yourself, we ask that you do not apply. 

We usually only accept applications where the grant will meet the full cost of an item/service (please contact our helpline before making an application if you are asking for a contribution). The panel may also decide to pay the grant in instalments if appropriate. 

Can I apply for the same thing (e.g. gym membership) every year?

We recognise the importance of regular exercise, and that this needs to be sustained. If you are applying for a repeat grant for gym membership/exercise class we may contact you to ask for further applications.

Due to our limited budget, we may have to prioritise applicants who have not received a grant previously. 

When will I hear if I have been successful?

You will be informed of the outcome of the panel meeting within two weeks of the panel date.

How will I receive any money should I be successful?

The grant will be paid straight in to the bank account named on your application form via BACS 2–4 weeks after the panel.

If you don’t have a bank account, we may be able to pay your grant to a trusted third party. Please contact us before completing an application so we can discuss this.

How often can I apply?

Health and wellbeing grants can be awarded once every 12 months. Please be aware that if you have received a previous award the panel may prioritise those that have not received a grant in the past.

Do I need to have my application form endorsed?

Yes. In order for your application to be taken to the panel we need the supporting statement to be completed by a member of your CF team. If this is proving difficult please do get in touch with us. 

This statement will provide more details to the panel about the item requested and how it will positively impact the health and wellbeing of the person with cystic provide. Again, please provide as much information as possible.

I have a question. Can I speak to someone?

Yes. Please call our helpline (9-5pm Mon-Fri) on 0300 373 1000 or email if you have any questions about any of our grants.

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